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Now that you have stumbled upon this a page I think it's safe to assume you want to get to know me better. One thing about me is I am oversharer, not because I can't help it but because I think it helps others. 

For over six years I ran a six figure natural beauty brand and for the majority of those years I absolutely loved it. But as time went on I felt like I was outgrowing that space, and honesty outgrowing the old me who created that brand. All businesses have a reason they get started and I had a HUGE reason I wanted to finish. You. Working with women owned businesses is my passion. Over the years I had the opportunity to work with so many bad ass women, ether through brand collaborations or just behind the scenes, wine fueled branding brainstorms. something inside me changed...I found what I as meant to do.  

Wild powerful  was created to help women harness their true selves to land their dream clients and create brands that represent their uniqueness, strength and power in business. 

These are a few of my

Favorite Things

Vegar Baby!

vacation location

Launch Day Surprises

i spoil my clients with

Classy, Bougie, Rachet

your aesthetic


best boy band

I'm killin this Sh!t



Classy Bougie Ratchet

I'm killin' this shit

morning affirmation

your aesthetic

for drinks with my girls


My favorite boy band

It's Friday, i'm going...

Vegas Baby!

Launch day Surprises

i spoil my clients with 

favorite place to visit

my bra is off and my bonnet is on

can't come Sis...

then I 

finish this sentence. if...


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