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Worth The Investment? Becca Luna Course Review

Is Becca Luna’s Course The Wealthy Web Designer Worth the $1500 sticker price?!

Long and short Babe… Hell ya.

My journey to becoming a Web Designer is something that I have shared many times on my socials because I honestly love talking about it. Not to be overly dramatic but Becca’s courses changed the trajectory of my life. I was a burnt-out small business owner looking for a way out of my depression and into something more fulfilling when along came Becca.

As of today, I have taken  Wealthy Web DesignerCEO of ShowitThe Site Canvas Vault, PPP and Design Your Day Rate (aren’t those all of her courses? Yup they are.) To say that I found her first courses “helpful” would be an understatement, it literally changed my life. If you are interested in more of my personal story you can listen to me on Becca and Willows podcast The Wealthy and WIld Podcast below, or you can skip to the goods.

Ok, let’s get into it What is The Wealthy Web Designer?

WWD gives you uncapped access to all of the exclusive strategies, tools, and structures you can use to build the needed foundations of your web design business. Listen I’m a course skeptic, I ALWAYS leave a course feeling as if I have some of the information to get started but not nearly enough, and then I’m back at square one. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Becca walks you through EVERYTHING from start to finish in order to be prepared to launch your web design business by the end of the course. This isn’t your high-level overview, the classic gate keepy- “I’ll give you some information but not nearly enough.” I found WWD and all of her other courses to be your best friend teaching you something and making sure you have everything you need to be wildly successful.

The Breakdown- The order of courses I took

Late October 2021- CEO of Showit

Early November- Wealthy Web Designer

December- Passive Passion Project

January 2022- Launched

March- First $5K month

July 2022- Made my First $15k Month

At the time Becca offered a bundle with CEO of Showit, Wealthy Web Designer, and Passive Passion Project, and I took them in that order. I started my journey around Late October/early November 2021 with the CEO of Showit– I highly recommend starting here and mimicking the designs she creates while watching the course. This helped me get familiar with Showit as a whole and remember things later when I moved on to my first design. If you are already familiar with Showit (skip this course). Next, I moved on to Wealthy Web Designer– this was the game changer. The Client and Marketing Modules were my personal favorites. She discusses the on and offboarding process, TikTok, building an email list, and provides templates to cut down the guesswork.

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November 8, 2022

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